Friday, May 8, 2009

A Howell of a Card

Harry Howell played more games than any defenseman in major-league hockey history by the time he retired, though he never won the Stanley Cup. Howell played in a total of 1,581 contests, 1,411 in the NHL and 170 in the World Hockey Association. Born in Hamilton, Ontario in 1932, Howell was known as a dedicated, dependable player on the ice and a classy guy off it.

But more on Harry when the actual card arrives from Ottawa, Ontario.

This is another great card I think I lassoed in at a very reasonable price...I submitted a Best Offer of $11 plus $3 shipping.

Running Cost:
Running Shipping: $12.00
Grand Total: $77.01
Total Cards: 12/66 (~18%)
Average Cost per Card: $5.42
Average "Loaded" Cost per Card: $6.42

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